I kind of had to think harder about this than I usually would. I think my definition of health would be anything that can heal the body. If you break down the words Healthy Body, it looks like, Heal-thy-body. Medicine, foods, liquids and exercise are all ways to heal the body. Certain types of food, medicine, liquids and exercise can heal the body at different times. I feel as if  we are always sick in a way, we always have to exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, take medicine and drink certain liquids. Is it possible to heal the body of all sickness? Can anyone truly be healthy? We all have this image that we consider healthy, like the pictures Mr. Biles showed in class of the girl flexing and Arnold Schwarzengger posing. They looked like the picture of health, big muscles not really any body fat, but it was like we were talked about in class, is that real health or is temporary? Everyone has their own personal picture of health. If you go to Colorado and look at the people who live there, the majority of them are fit and look healthy, at least to me. If you visit Oklahoma or Texas maybe, and looked at the people who live in those states and states around there, than you would see that most of the people are obese, because these states are known for comfort food and Colorado is known for its vast mountains. Typically people who live in a place like Colorado or Vermont would climb the mountains and bike the tall tall hills, that is why most people who live in those places are so fit. Now in a state that is known for comfort foods and does not have any vast mountains or tall tall hills to climb and bike, they have more obese people in their states, the comfort food states are not completely destitute in the sence of being healthy because there are gyms and sports that are healthy, some people just choose not to go to them and participate. If I were to show a picture of a tree that had pretty green leaves and thick strong branches and was tall and inviting, then I showed you a picture of a tree that had brown shriveled up leaves and not a lot of leaves, the branches were breaking off and it was weak looking and was not inviting, then which one would you rather go take your book and snuggle up under?

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